Due To the Nature Of This Offer,
ONLY 50 Licenses Can Be Sold In This Edition!

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  • Game is part of a larger game project which will mutually help promote your game!
  • Game is created FOR YOU:
    Game play
    Art Work
    Manuals & Printed Guides
  • You own a physical product with the exclusive license to produce (manufacture) and market the game.  (We can handle the production at cost if you prefer).
  • Help you create Patreon, Kickstarter type fund raisers to fund your game production costs.
  • Help promote your fundraisers with virtual assistant teams and viral promotion techniques.
  • Develop Pre-sale programs, affiliate network program, network marketing program – all included.
  • We create & host support forums, websites, online store, app store, and more to support your game and aid in sales.
  • We add monetization programs to your membership that will create income for your project before, during and after launch.

Included With This Package Today:
A Full NAWP – Gamer Lifestyle Program!

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Why Become A Partnered
Game Owner With Us?

1 – Game Is Created For You – you don’t need to come up with a game idea at all – we already have a game concept and will create your game in accordance with a greater strategy and game realization.

2 – Your Game Cards Will Be In High Demand – Because your game will be a mini-game variant of our main game,  All of our players, and those of other min-game card owners, will be looking for your particular mini-game as it also has particular cards only available in your mini-game pak!

This means you will make continual sales not only to new players of your mini-game but also to all players of our network of mini-games and of our main game who wish to boost their card assets (as one of the game play formats cause losers to relinquish their lost cards to the winner).

Also, we are introducing a “rare” card with your game. This rare card will only appear in a separate “Cards Only” Paks (you will have two Paks: your mini-game Pak and a Cards Only with a Rare Card Pak).  The Rare Card Pak will be an added income center for your business as players will be highly motivated to arm themselves with these “rares” during main and mini-game play. The Rare Card Paks should be sold for a premium price and may even be auctioned to the highest bidder as a scarcity strategy – after all, you are the only one who has them!

In addition, most players of our main game will be encouraged to subscribe to our Pak-A-Month Club where each club member will receive a new mini-game pak (one of them yours) in order to refresh their inventory, expand their game play, and introduce them to a new mini-game.  Sales can reach to the thousands at a time with this feature alone!

3 – We provide a complete marketing strategy and implementation on your behalf at no extra cost to you!  Many people have tried creating their own games and most times (as in all of Internet Marketing) it is very hard to make meaningful sales.  We have first created ways to market your game through retail outlets, Network – MLM and affiliate programs, offline and online game clubs, web platforms and game store, forums and advertising platforms that will create the pre-sales and continual sales for your mini-game.

4 – Your game will also be prepared for the Spanish (others in the future) speaking market around the world.  With the niche we are developing for our game theme, your game will be in high demand within this vast and low competition market. Whatever languages we begin to expand into, your license automatically is upgraded – expanding sales globally!

5 – Strategic & Profitable Long Term Plan:  After your game is released we will begin development of variant versions of your game to capitalize on evolving gamer interests and niches.

Each variant (under separate license) will enjoy the same benefits of your first successful launch – your game company is well on its way to sustained profitability and wealth creation.

6 – Our Model Is Successful: Because we are not trying to create a humongous game right out of the gate – these are mini-games. Mini-games are very specific in scope and create an easier achievement of player satisfaction than your typical full blown game.  Also, production time for these mini-games are much more manageable making the goal of keeping costs down while achieving profitability the easiest of all game development genres.


  • Q – What exactly do I get with the license?
    A – You get the exclusive right to manufacture and sell the game using the artwork we supply as long as you maintain your membership fee up to date which in essence becomes a royalty fee to us for licensing our art and game concept.
  • Q – Can I sell the license?
    A – Sure you can! You only need to inform your buyer that the game and artwork are licensed and that they must maintain the royalty fee up to date in order to keep exclusive rights to your game’s assets. (which includes all the websites and forums, etc., associated with your game).

    But more than just selling your license, you should build a business that will be worth much more than just one license.  This opportunity helps you start a real business with real value – treat it as such and it will reward you!

    And don’t sell yourself short! This license is worth a whole lot more than just the game we make for you. Remember there are variants that we also will be adding to each license over time. Your game company will develop multiple games over time and become a viable business / corporate asset.

    So your license can easily become two, three or more profitable licenses and games in the future! I wouldn’t walk away from that or give it up too easily, if I were you!

  • Q – How much will manufacturing the game cost me?
    A – We are constantly looking to reduce our own printing costs. When we find cheaper prices and quality results, we will share these sources with you. Where we can, we will also print in bulk and sell to you at cost when it becomes cheaper to do so.

    Costs are also determined by the quantity of cards in a Pak and the quantity of the print order. 

    As your game nears completion, we will examine costs at that time and determine your options for manufacture.  By that time, however, your fund raising effort together with our income programs and pre-sales campaigns which you would be promoting, should have provided you with more than enough money to get your game manufactured and ready for distribution.

  • Q – So how much do I make from each game I sell?
    A – That’s entirely up to you! We are not involved in your profits at all.  You set the pricing for your game according to the costs to produce it and to ship it plus your profit margin.

    You need to consider other factors, as well, like how much players will be willing to pay for your game.

    Remember that you will be selling both Retail & Wholesale (Bulk). You may be able to land a deal with a major retailer (we may also develop sales for your game this way through our networks) and you will provide inventory at wholesale pricing to these bulk buyers.

    Printing costs go down dramatically when you manufacture in bulk and profits soar when you sell in bulk too!  HINT: When you get a bulk order, order more than your bulk order requires for your own future retail sales at increased profits!

  • Q – How long will it take for my game to be developed?
    A – All games will be developed on a “First Come / First Serve” basis.

    Although each game will be distinct in most ways, there will be similarities due to their relationship with the main game we are developing.  This means that certain game elements, such as the trading cards, will be based on the same template as the main game (since these are the exact same cards that the main game uses). 

    So the production time for your game is reduced because we do not need to create an unique card for your game other than the entity part (card object / element) and the unique game play / instructions, etc., particular for your game.

  • Q – So What Do I Do While I Am Waiting?
    A – PREPARE!  This is one opportunity you need to be active with because it is a real business in a billion dollar industry – this is a serious entry offer here! 

    You want to be busy with all of the other benefits and NAWP websites we build for you as soon as you start your membership.

    Secondly, you will want to start your fundraising efforts for your game so that you will have enough cash to pay for the first production of your game as soon as we release it to you.

    Thirdly, you could try to attract an angel investor for your business in return for a percentage of your new game company. Since your printing costs will range between $2500 – $10,000,  you will need to find a moderately deep pocket to share this great business with.

    We will be helping you by announcing each game under development and requesting interested investors to contact us and after pre-selling them on your game, we will put you together with them.  This is a one-time announcement, as such, we urge you to continuously promote and announce your new game launch in order to successfully attract investor dollars.

  • Q – So the monthly fee is just a Royalty fee?
    A – Not at all! The monthly fee includes the “royalty fee” for licensing our artwork creatives and game concept, etc., and website  fees, hosting fees, NAWP program costs, staffing, advertising costs, various marketing strategies and associated costs, software development, app development, other game development costs, and more benefits that accrue and add value to your TCG business!

    Many other companies have had to invest many hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get what you’re just about to have with one click of the button below!

    Simply, using leverage, we are able to incubate your TCG company and help you develop and bring your business venture to realize its full potential

    You should realize by now that the monthly fee is an incredible bargain for starting a TCG company with a product in development that has so much going for it and enjoying already developed marketing strategies and a movement of people already working on making your game a success!

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